Photography has always interested me and I almost always have a camera on me. I started doing the Project 365 but I got so busy that I stopped taking pictures everyday. It got to a point where I took pictures of random stuff because it was almost midnight and I hadn’t taken a picture yet. I will start again but I still have taken more pictures this year than I usually would.

One thing that always stumped me was how to display all these pictures that I have taken over the years. Then I found out about scrapbooking and I fell in love with it. I haven’t done much scrapbooking over the last few years but I am starting to get back into it. One of my latest ideas is to take all of my original recipes and put them into a scrapbook. I started tonight.

I found these papers that look like they would be out of a 1950’s kitchen, glitter and all. If it wasn’t for this pack of paper, I probably would never have thought of this. Not only do I get to display my recipes in a creative way, but it’s a way to preserve my ribbons that I have won from the Tri County Fair for my food.

I decided to hand write them to give them more of a personal touch. It will also be something special that I can pass on to my children one day.


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