Because my apartment isn’t as clean as I would like it to be, I haven’t told the manager of my apartment that I’ve been without hot water since Monday. I took a shower last night at my parents and will need to do that again tomorrow I think. I really have been taking a pile a night to get this place clean and you can tell that I’ve made a huge difference. So for the last couple of nights I’ve been focused on getting my dishes done.

My dishes got to the point where I was overwhelmed and didn’t want to deal with it. Well my manager never really lets me live down the fact that my apartment is always messy. That’s why I haven’t told her about the hot water yet. What can I say? She’s kind of a neat freak. I mean that in a nice way. Really I do, but she doesn’t understand the fact that I’m not. I hardly ever cleaned my room as a kid. I do understand her point of view though. Living with clutter is a fire hazard and I constantly remind myself that I rent this place. I don’t own and I can get kicked out of my apartment for being a danger, not only to myself, but to my neighbors as well.

So how am I doing dishes when I don’t have hot water? I am doing them the old-fashioned way and have been heating my water on my stove. It’s a pain and takes a lot longer to do them, but in a way I like doing this because I can get the water hotter than if was to come out of the tap. I’ve also noticed that I am getting them done a lot faster because I know that I have water boiling on the stove and need to do something with the water. I even took the metal blade to my blender (after it cut me by the way) and dropped it into the pot while the water was starting to boil to sanitize it.

I don’t mind writing about how dirty my apartment is because it helps me to deal with it and come to terms with the fact that I need to keep my place clean. Every time I write about how dirty my apartment is, I get embarrassed to the point where I get so angry with myself that I clean. I know that’s no excuse and I should just do it for health reasons, but I’ve never liked cleaning. It’s the one chore I really hate. Dishes are the worst. I hate doing dishes. Every time I think about moving, my new place (wherever it may be) MUST have a dishwasher.


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