Comic Con 2011… Maybe

When tickets went on sale for this year’s Comic Con, my brother and mom sat in front of their computers for hours hitting the refresh button trying to get tickets for Comic Con. My mom quite after about an hour because she had to go to work so Bryan kept at it. He never got past one page and finally he got word that all of the four-day passes were sold out. We came to terms with the fact that the ticket processing for this year sucked big time and we weren’t going to go.

A few months passed and people kept asking me if I was going. I sadly told them no. Until one day I got to talking to our local art supply store owner, who also sells comics, and he said he could see if he might be able to get tickets because they sometimes reserve a few extras for the vendors. Friday, Ron told me that he might be able to. Bryan unfortunately has already changed his plans, but my change of plans can easily be altered and my mom has a week off regardless. I’m not getting my hopes up because there is that possibility that Ron will not be able to get the tickets.

Comic Con is a blast and I would LOVE to go every year. If my mom and I do get to go, she has volunteered to sit in line to buy our tickets for next year so we don’t run into this situation again. I have met a lot of great people and it’s fun to be around a lot of other geeks and not be left feeling awkward. I have seen and met so many actors that it has become surreal to watch these shows and be able to say, “He was a great guy.” I can. My first Comic Con experience in 2009 was overwhelming, but the next year I got to show my mom and brother around. Bryan ended up ditching us but that was okay. Bryan reads comics whereas my mom and I were there for the shows.

Saul Rubinek, Eddie McClintock, me and Allison Scagliotti

I still have a few actors that I would love to meet. Amanda Tapping and Nathan Fillion are at the top of my list. Over two years I have met nine people that I never would have thought I’d get the opportunity to talk to. The best memory that I have was being able to talk to Saul Rubinek of Warehouse 13 and we didn’t really talk about the show. Instead we talked about the whole Comic Con experience. Afterward I got to harass Eddie McClintock when he was messing with Allison Scagliotti outside after we all were being kicked out of the building.

I have watched interviews with the actors and producers and whatnot that go to Comic Con and other conventions and every single one of them comment on how well the fans are around them. Yes we freak out a bit. I did with Zachery Levi last year, but for the most part they are there as fans themselves. Going to the conventions are a great way to meet these people that you watch every week on TV and/or buy the DVDs and I think that, in a way, hearing the reactions from the fans that keep the shows on the air beat any award they could ever win. I hate watching award shows where the winner thanks everyone and their brother, but never mention the fans. If it weren’t for us fans, they wouldn’t have a job.

Neil Grayston (Eureka), Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13) and me.

Someone from a panel that I watched in 2009 posted a picture somewhere of his view from the stage. It was incredible to see that many people shoved into a room. When I sit in the seats, I look behind me and around me. Even from the viewpoint of the audience, it’s amazing to see that many people.

One thing that I would love to do one year at Comic Con, and I have thought about this quite a bit, is have a quilt that I could raffle off to support one of the charities of my favorite actors. The main three that stand out in my mind are Sanctuary for Kids (Amanda Tapping’s charity), Kids Need to Read (supported by Nathan Fillion) and Donate Life (supported by Alex O’Loughlin). These are three that I would donate to if I could afford it. Maybe one of these days I would be able to do that.

Until then, here’s to hoping that my mom and I get the opportunity to go this year. Keep your fingers crossed.


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