My mom taught me how to crochet when I was a kid by having me sit across from her and I copied her movements. My mom is right-handed while I am a lefty. Crocheting is calming to me and I started making stuff last night. This is what I was going to write about last night but my internet didn’t like me. The only unfortunate thing about me taking up crocheting is that it tends to upset my carpel tunnel in my left wrist. I did figure out that I can crochet with my brace on and it is still comfortable.

I used to make these note pad holders when I was a kid and sold them at the craft shows that my mom and I went to. They are the easiest things to make and I am updating my design by adding embellishments to them. I even drew out a few designs to make them out of fabric but where they are sleek and sexy. I think I need new things on my Etsy shop and I think this will help. I didn’t see anything like them on there so I might have a shot.


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