More Insomnia

My insomnia is continuing and I still refuse to go to the doctor. I can’t afford it. I get sleepy around right now (10:45 pm) and I will go to bed and toss and turn for over an hour until I finally fall asleep. This has been going on for months now and I’m really getting sick of it. I just don’t have energy and people have been telling me what I should do and everything but I usually forget what they say shortly after. I don’t mean to but it almost feels like my brain is refusing to maintain certain information. I just don’t know what is wrong and what I can do differently.

In better news I tried some banana “ice cream” tonight that Tia wrote about on her blog a couple of days ago. I had to put some soy milk in with it and still managed to break part of my blender. Oops. It was really, really good. You can read her post here. I have really been inspired by Tia to eat healthier and have been considering starting the raw diet just to help restart my digestive system and see if that might help with the insomnia. I have been eating less and less processed foods and I will be going out-of-town next week in order to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. I think I’m missing something in my diet. I just can’t figure out what it might be.

Sleepiness is starting to really kick in. I even found myself nodding off at work towards the end of my lunch today. I think I will eventually figure this out and what is wrong with me. Off to bed I go. Tomorrow we get to learn a new phone system at work. Oh joy. It is supposed to be better than what we had. It’s going to be weird not having a fax machine but still being able to fax through our email. Something to get used to.


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