Mono Lake

So today was kind of crazy. Mondays almost always are I guess. I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight so I decided to share a photo with you. North of here is Mono Lake, a salt water lake. Around here we hate when people pronounce it like the disease when it’s pronounced like it’s written. Mo-No. Not Ma-No. It’s named after a guy not the disease. Mono has these really neat Tufa Towers made from the salt that builds up on the shore.

Just before you get into Lee Vining, California, there is a wonderful cafe called the Whoa Nelly Deli. It’s a five-star Zagat rated cafe located in the Tioga Gas Mart. Yes it’s in a gas station. The food is fantastic. Just up the road from the parking lot is a view-point with a really neat sign overlooking Mono Lake. If you ever pass by on Highway 395, check it out. The deli is only open in the summer when Tioga Pass is open once the snow melts.


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