Getting Ready for Comic Con 2011

I don’t remember if I mentioned that my mom and I ended up getting tickets for Comic Con this year. Thanks to our local art shop that also sells comic books and is a vendor at the big event managed to get us some tickets. My mom and I leave Wednesday morning and get to enjoy all of the wonderful things that preview night has to offer.

If you’ve never been to Comic Con then you cannot understand how big this event is. One a busy day (i.e. Friday or Saturday) you are looking at around 500,000 people (if not more) crammed into the San Diego Convention Center. Even with that many geeks, nerd, freaks, actors, producers, writers, artists and a few absolutely normal people, there is SO much to see and enjoy. I’ve written about my last two experiences and I am glad that I get to experience it again for the third time.

Between the two years that I have been to Comic Con, I have met nine actors and gotten pictures with; three of who I would marry in a heartbeat. In order they are: Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds), Josh Gates (Destination Truth), Saul Rubinek (Warehouse 13), Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13), Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13), Amy Bruni (Ghost Hunters International), Kris Williams (Ghost Hunters International), Neil Grayston (Eureka) and Zachary Levi (Chuck). Josh Gates and Allison Scagliotti I met in both 2009 and 2010. I’ve met with and talked to more actors but never got pictures with them. One I do regret from last year, Mindy Sterling. Best known for yelling, “SCOTT!!” from the Austin Powers movies. My mom got to talking with her and she was very nice. I just didn’t think to ask her if I could get a picture with her. My first Comic Con in 2009, I regret not actually meeting with Kathy Najimy from the Sister Act movies.

This year I’m taking my good camera since last year my smaller one acted up and I got a lot of fuzzy pictures. The only problem with my good camera is that I don’t have a way to download the pictures from the memory card onto my laptop. I can’t find the disk from when I bought the camera so I can’t download the software. I tried getting something from the internet off of Canon’s website that might work but it didn’t. So I bought a portable memory card reader. The only problem is that my laptop will not read the smaller disks, only the standard size. I’m going to try something tomorrow but if that doesn’t work then I just won’t be able to share pictures with all of you until we get back home and I’ll be limited to the amount of pictures that I can take. Sucks. I know.

My mom and I are coming up with a few ways to save money this year since I had my car serviced today and we had to put off some of the work until we get back because none of us have the $1200 it’s going to cost. My mom’s boss gave her a bag that is insulated and on rollers so we have more than enough room to take food with us. I got to thinking about that and I’m going to put my purse, laptop, camera, cords and what-not into my smallest luggage bag that has rollers. That way I won’t have a heavy backpack that bumps into everyone and I don’t have to kill myself lugging a backpack everywhere.

Who know’s who I might end up meeting this year. All I know is that my mom and I are so excited. I cannot believe that Comic Con is upon us already. It seems like we were just there last year. Seriously, where has the year gone? It seems like time is flying by at an alarming rate and I cannot keep up. It’s crazy. anyway, pictures or no pictures I will try to keep everyone who comes across this blog informed on the coming days. So excited!!!!!


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