Comic Con 2011: Preview Night

Comic Con 2011 began this year for my mom and I with a quick tea from Katy’s Cafe in Imperial Beach. With a some-what quick drive through Coronado and over the Coronado Bridge, I ended up taking the wrong exit since I hadn’t driven over that bridge, in that direction, in two years. Once I got off the freeway, my mom grabbed the map and navigated me through the Gaslamp District to the parking lot we wanted. The pedestrian bridge is now finished and you can walk over the train tracks rather than wait for the trains and the trolly to go by. It makes it easier to get to the Convention Center.

We headed up the escalators to get our badge and my mom had no problem getting her badge, but mine would not print because the lady said that mine was listed as an exhibitor. We couldn’t get tickets for this year when they went on sale because the servers kept crashing. Lucky for us, we know the owner of the local art supply store, who is a vendor at Comic Con, and he got us tickets. We think because Ron couldn’t spell Yahoo when ordering the ticket and he put it under his email address that it caused mine to be placed under an exhibitor. It took us a while to find where to pick up that badge but once I got mine, off we went.

You could tell that attendance was down just slightly, but that didn’t affect the attitude of the people around us. Some of the costumes were absolutely incredible. There weren’t too many people dressed up on Preview Night but the ones we saw were amazing.

My mom and I had dinner at SyFy’s Cafe Diem at the Hard Rock Hotel. I love going in there and look forward to it every year. The prices went up but that is to be expected with the economy right now and you get a lot of food for the price. You have to go into Comic Con with the mind-frame that everything is going to be expensive. Really expensive. There are ways to avoid that as well. We didn’t eat every meal at one of the restaurants around the San Diego Convention Center. Instead we brough our own snacks and lunches with us. It works out great.

After dinner, we decided to walk around the Gaslamp District for a bit because I wanted to know where the Nerd Headquarters was that Zac Levi was putting on. We found the place with ease and weren’t allowed to go in because they were still setting up but I did see Zac walking around in there checking on things. We chatted with the security guy there for a few minutes.

We went back to our hotel and got an early sleep so we could be ready for Thursday and the Nerd Quest.


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