One of my absolute favorite comfort foods is spaghetti. I think that is really where my Italian heritage comes through. I am a pasta junkie!! I love all kinds of pasta. As all of you know, I must have gluten-free pasta only because of my Celiac Disease. Tonight while my mom and I were wondering about the small market by my house (I’m still getting used to calling my grandma’s house mine) I noticed a new gluten-free pasta that I have not heard of yet. Cadia. And even better… it’s organic and fairly cheap… for gluten-free.

My stomach has been a little queasy lately and I wasn’t sure if pasta was right for my stomach but I decided to give it a shot. Besides it was the only things that sounded good. My grandma thinks I need some red meat in me and I agree but I didn’t want to make a separate trip to the large grocery store (which I hate by the way) to buy buffalo (a.k.a. bison but whatever) and spend God only knows how much on when I have no money. That’s one of the problems with my body, I can’t even have beef. Don’t know why. I just can’t.

So my spaghetti tonight went vegetarian. Nothing wrong with that. Pasta and sauce. Nothing more. So good.


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