Here’s Where I Stand…

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. (First Amendment of the United States Constitution)

Last night, I voiced my opinion on the election on Facebook and ended up feeling like I was attacked by friends who disagreed with me. We as Americans have to right to voice our opinions and to disagree with anyone. This was, in my opinion, the most fearful election America has seen in a long time.

In school I paid attention to my civics just enough to graduate and it’s something that I regret at almost 35 years old. I’ve read up on the government and civics more in the past ten years than I did in twelve years of school. I’m not saying that I’m an expert, in fact I’m far from one. I still have a lot to learn and I will learn more.

I voted for Obama twice and I don’t care what you think. He said that he wanted to do a lot of things that I thought would benefit this country at the time. He unfortunately had to deal with a shitty Congress that fought him, no matter if Obama said anything about not needing Congress. We need Congress and the President to work TOGETHER in order for this country to work, but that unfortunately will never happen. A lot of people thought that I voted for Obama because of the color of his skin. This is not true. I voted for him because I respect him. I also respect the Obama’s for dealing with the shit and criticism they have been given over the last eight years with grace, class, and dignity.

Michelle Obama is a great woman and a worthy role model for many, many young women out there. I have loved everything that she has done as the First Lady. She brought childhood obesity to the forefront of the nation. She has fought to end that. I’m obese and I’ve worked really, really hard in my life to get healthy. In four years, I’ve lost roughly 75 pounds. I support her in her efforts to get children to be healthy and getting schools to offer healthy food to their students. I love Michelle for that. Thank you.

I’ve dealt with a lot from bullies, very similar to Trump, in my life. At almost 35, I have little to no self-esteem because of bullying. I’ve been told that I cannot make the same choices that a man can make because women should not be allowed to think for themselves. That women are inferior to men. That women are weak. I’ve been told by bullies that I’m worthless, ugly, a waste of space. I’ve been degraded as a woman. Like so many women in this country, we have dealt with misogynists for centuries. People like Trump made me want to end my life at ten-years-old because I was told that I was nothing. That my life does not matter.

Trump once said that he does not condone violence even though, in the beginning of the race, he encouraged his supporters to punch anyone who disagreed with him. THAT defines a bully. I’ve had my life threatened by a bully and I feel sorry for the minorities that have been trying to become equal.

I don’t care that he said that it’s okay to grab a woman by her pussy ten years ago. I’m angry at that statement because he said it. At one point in his life, he said it. That statement has caused so many misogynists to now believe that because Trump got elected, he will make it legal for any man to grab any woman by her vagina and we have no say for our bodies. THAT makes me fearful to go outside for the fear that I will be grabbed and treated like nothing more than a toy for men to play with. I’M NOT A FUCKING TOY!!!!!! Trump treats women like shit and acts like we should just sit back, take it, and not fight back. I fear for the safety of my young cousins who are girls and are entering into puberty and now have to learn and deal with the ideology that women are nothing. Women have fought for equality for a very long time and now we face losing whatever equality we have managed to get.

Trump wants to throw out all Muslims whether they are citizens or not. You cannot do this. Go back to the top of this post and re-read the First Amendment. I will reiterate something that I’ve been very vocal on. Not all Muslims are terrorists. We need to stop viewing all of them that way. Only the extremists are the terrorists. One person alone cannot stop terrorism and bombing a certain area of the world will not stop it either.

I have bashed Trump for months and will continue to hate him. Just because he got elected doesn’t mean that I have to like him. So many people hate Obama for many reasons and that is their choice and their opinion. I don’t have to agree with it and I don’t. But don’t treat me like shit because I’ve hated Trump and everything that he has said for many, many years, way before this election.

Most of the backlash I received last night was because I said I was embarrassed to be an American. I’m sad that I’ve said that but it is still true. I’ve always been thankful and proud to be American, but we have become a laughing stock to many of our allies. I threatened to leave the country if Trump got elected but in all honesty, I will not leave. I will not give up on this country. We’ve dealt with a shitty government for a long time. Only time will tell what this Presidency will do for this country in four years.

I would love to see this country get rid of the political parties and make the men and women that run this country responsible for all of their actions. Don’t give them something like a political party to hide behind. It would make the American people vote for who they think is the best candidate, not because they feel obligated to vote for only their party. I understand that that is perfectly okay for the people who want to vote that way. That is the beauty of America. We have a choice. We have the right to choose what we think is best for our country. So many people in other countries do not have that choice or that right.

I’m sorry to anyone that I may have offended with this. That was not my intention for this blog post or anything I’ve said on Facebook. You also have the right to voice your opinion. I just got upset with how I felt I was treated. Stand up for what you believe but be respectful to others’ opinions as well. I may not have acted in a way that I should have, but what’s done is done. I am ready to move on.

To Donald Trump, just because you got elected to be the President of my country doesn’t mean that I have to like you or even respect you. I hate most of what you stand for. You keep saying that you can make America great again. I disagree. I believe you will set us back to a time when most of our citizens did not have rights and were treated like shit. You have four years to prove me wrong. Prove to me that you can be a great leader. Prove to me that you can look beyond race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender to decide what is best for ALL citizens of the United States. We are divided more than we have ever been. You have four years. Don’t waste them. Don’t screw up my life because I think you’re an idiot and are not qualified in any way to run this country.

This is my opinion and nothing more.