A new cake design

I just finished my concept drawing for my Stargate Atlantis 100th episode cake that I’m hoping to do for this year’s Tri County Fair and thought I would share. I also told Joe Mallozzi that I would draw something up just in case MGM would want to take a look. Over the next few months, I’ll work on my cake dummy for my entry and post pictures along the way. I had to put the text on the cake by using Photoshop because it was the only way to get it to show up clearly. If you look at the picture up closely, you’ll notice that around the base of each tier, the band has the titles of some episodes written. They are only of the first three seasons because that was all I could fit on my drawing.

This is one of my favorite TV shows as I have stated before and if you’ve never seen it, check it out. It is a show that you have to see from the very beginning just to get the concept of the show down, and you might even have to check out some episodes from Stagate SG1, Atlantis’s parent show that aired for ten years becoming the longest running SciFi show.


Alright Joe, Here’s more pics…

Okay I am freaking out right now. The coolest thing just happened to me. Something that I never thought would happen. If you look on my blog roll, I have a link to Joseph Mallozzi’s blog. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is one of the producers for Stargate Atlantis. One of my absolute FAVORITE TV shows. So yesterday I was on his blog and I posted this comment:


I was telling one of my regular customers the other day that I would love to have the opportunity to decorate a cake for Atlantis’s 100th episode. I think it would be so much fun. Just thought I would throw that out there for you. I’m thinking about decorating one for my city’s fair in September. I’ll send you the pics if I do.


So then I get on tonight to see what he wrote because, unlike me, he posts everyday and I love to see what answers he has for fans in his “mailbag”. I was a little surprised to see this as the sixth question and answer, even though it’s more of a statement than an question:


Caitlyanna writes: “I was telling one of my regular customers the other day that I would love to have the opportunity to decorate a cake for Atlantis’s 100th episode.”

Answer: No idea what MGM has planned for the event – but I checked out the pics on your blog and have to say your cakes look almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.


I immediately got on the phone and told my parents. I just now stopped shaking from excitement and I have had a smile on my face for an hour. I just can’t believe that he looked at my pictures. I know that sounds dorky, but I don’t know how many people that are known by millions around the world have looked at my work. So I told him tonight that I would post more if he wanted to see more and I shall deliver.


I also told him that I’m in if MGM wants me and they don’t even have to pay me. They have entertained me for four years and are celebrating their 100th episode that will air next year at the end of their fifth season. Getting the opportunity to entertain them for a short amount of time with a beautiful cake that they can devour and hopefully enjoy would be all the payment I need. I love doing what I do and I can’t ask for a better job than mine no matter how stressful it can and will be at times.


Thanks for lookin’ Joe. Enjoy.











Acacia’s Sweet 16


I know this is kind of late to be posting, but it’s better late than never right?


When my cousin Acacia was facing turning 16 on March 7, 2008 (oh my God, she’s 16) she asked if I would decorate her cake for her. I decided to use real flowers and that became my present to her. While I was in the kitchen at the Elks Lodge, the men and women helping out from their church began watching me and a few of them even said that they would keep me in mind the next time they needed a cake.


Most of the people here in my town know that I’m the cake decorator at Baskin Robbins, but quite a few of them have asked me if I do cakes on the side that aren’t ice cream cakes. I never considered it until Acacia’s party. Now I figure that I can do a couple here and there for a little extra income.


One of Acacia’s requests was to have the cake tiered. This was the first time that I ever did a tiered cake with real cake and not the Styrofoam cake “dummies” that I use when entering a cake in the Tri County Fair. It turned out great, but the cakes ended up being too moist and after I put all the fresh flowers on and got the top tier on the cake, we started taking pictures and I thought I could breathe. Boy was I wrong. I was about to leave to change for the party when we realized that the top tier was beginning to lean to the front. The flowers weighed just a little too much for the moist cakes and I decided that before the top tier fell, we took it off and Acacia ended up with two cakes instead of one and she was perfectly fine with that.


Everyone got the pictures they wanted and then it was time for me to shock just about everyone who wasn’t my family. I was the one who took apart the cakes. People are almost always afraid to destroy cakes in front of the person who decorated them. Not me. The reason why I do what I love is so that you can “ooh” and “aah” about the beauty of the cake, take pictures (that can last for years) and then you cut up the cake and enjoy it. Just to hear someone say that they love my cakes is all the justification I need to keep doing what I love.

Bad day at work….

Well I almost quit my job today. One of my co-workers is taking tomorrow (Saturday) off and didn’t bother to make sure that her shift was covered like the rest of us have to do. So my boss pulled my day help today and put Cathy on Saturday’s shift. Then he had the nerve to tell me that I probably won’t get that busy today, but it was supposed to get up to 72 degrees and I work in an ICE CREAM store. Every time I turned around to decorate a cake order, people would walk in. I got all of my orders done except one and now I have to go in on my day off tomorrow and finish it. Hopefully I will get there early so that I don’t have to see my boss and possibly say something that I will regret, but he will get an earful come Monday.


The thing that also bugged me was that today must have been rude-and-stupid-people day and nobody bothered to tell me. Just about every person that walked through that door today was either rude, stupid, or both. One lady came in with her three kids. I was polite and said, “Hi.” She looked at me as if I called her a horrible name. Then when her youngest points to the clown cones and said that he wanted that, she turned to him and said, “No I’m not getting that for you. Now get over here and pick out you ice cream.” I think so many people are incapable of even saying a two letter word like “hi” as if it is a fifty letter word that no one knows how to properly pronounce. Is it really that difficult? Here are a few of my other work-related pet peeves I have that happened to me today:


  • Can you hear me now? When ordering, please for the love of Christ SPEAK UP and don’t get pissed off at me when I can’t hear you because I have five generators venting back at me and I can’t hear you.
  • Also if you really want me to hear you either get the cell phone off your ear for two seconds so I can take your order, pull the sweatshirt strings out of you mouth so your words are comprehensible, or if you are hard-of-hearing, get a damn hearing aid and wear it!
  • “Are you the only one working?” asks a customer. There are times when I just want to reply, “No I’m sorry I have five co-workers in the back laughing their asses off because they feel like being shit-heads and don’t want to help you.” But unfortunately I can’t reply with that answer. Ah but to dream…
  • And so like don’t like um wait for like three people to like walk in after you and like expect me to like um wait for you to like um finish your like um conversation about like Suzy going on a date with like Brad of all people ugh for me to help you because like no body really like um cares about your um like conversation. Ah… to relive four years of high school in all of five minutes. I don’t care just order you damn ice cream so I can get back to decorating.


Can you tell I’ve had a bad day?


And damn you prescription medication. Because of you I can’t have a beer!!! I need a hug…